tindré la primera reunió per anar concretant coses.

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ATom ha dit...

you are very mysterious last days ... Cross my fingers for your success :) It's a good time for doing good things :) Good luck in running your plans !!!

Núria Piferrer ha dit...

Hello Tom,
I am cautious rather than mysterious... I don't want to be disappointed and to disappoint other people, so I prefer to wait before announcing what's my next project about.
In two days I will be able to give more information.
Best regards to you and Kasia.

ATom ha dit...

Good rule - first to do, next to talk about :) Advent has just started - really good time to start something good. So Kasia and me - we wish you and your friends good luck and lots of fun in all your plans :) Hope to read soon what it was :)