Cosetes (XII)

it's a small world from axel roessler on Vimeo.

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ATom ha dit...

why do you like films like this (or previous Paper Dreams)? Both have interesting form (I specially like "frame gallery" from Paper Dreams) and disquieting music, but why YOU have selected them to the blog?

Núria Piferrer ha dit...

I don't have a concrete rational reason to pick up things... I look for images that makes me fell at ease. I found those full of beauty, a sense of nostalgy, simplicity, quietness, .... I like being quiet, quiet moments, quiet things, ... If you check older posts of the blog you will find a lot of videos or pictures like those.

ATom ha dit...

well - a lot of work to read them all :) but will try !!
quiet soul - hope that quiet and happy, not quiet in sorrow.
Sorry that I'm only commenting, not offering own selections and thoughts - I'm not a blogger and generally do not use web for contacts with people I do not met in real.
Good luck, Nuria, fly high :)